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Jo Zeller was born on July 17th, 1955 in Männerdorf (Zurich Oberland).

During his apprenticeship as a tinner he spent more and more of his time on his favourite hobby, the racing.

Everything started in his parent`s garage in Oetwil am See, even though the space for maintenance his cars has been enlarged over the time.

Jo’s career as a race driver began in 1978 and since then all the cars he has been driving were prepared by himself. He drove Ralt, March and Dallara Formula 3 vehicles. During his highly successful time as a professional race driver he took part in several international Formula 3 races:

  • Monaco F3 Grand Prix
  • Macau F3 Grand Prix (1991)
  • Fuji Inter-League F3 Race

In those races he competed against drivers such as Alain Prost, Michael Schumacher, Mika Hakkinen, David Couldhard, Alessandro Zanardi......

After having won 13 Swiss Formula 3 championship titles and taking part in over 100 races he decided to build up his own team “Jo Zeller Racing” to give young driver the possibility to enter the motorsports and to let them gain from his experience.

Over the past years Jo Zeller Racing appears in series such as F3 Euroserie, ATS Formel 3 Cup, Austrian F3 Cup and the Formel Lista Junior.

The greatest achievements of the team:

  • top of the drivers' ranking in the ATS Formula 3 Cup 2005 (Peter Elkmann)
  • top of the drivers' ranking in the ATS Formula 3 Cup 2008 (Frederic Vervisch)
  • first place in Brandts Hatch, F3 Euroserie 2006 by Peter Elkmann
  • first success of a woman in the Formula 3 circuit of Rahel Frey in ATS Formula 3 Cup
  • races on the Nürburgring 2009
  • winner of the Formula Lista Junior driver championship 2010 with Michael Lamotte.


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